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Eric Satan presents The Frail Psyches 3
Monday, 26 October 2009 18:20

01 - Syderic
02 - Yellow little bird
03 - The screamer
04 - Neutral magmata
05 - To believe
06 - Resurrection



I am crazy
very crazy
like my friend
We are crazy
we are dead
forgotten by everyone
dead and buried
Let them believe it
if this will serve
to make them better
Let them believe it then
on condition that
they don't exaggerate
otherwise it will
it will explode
It will explode
explode the bomb
that will destroy us
both of Us
taht will annihilate us
in just one instant
and it will sweep
sweep us away
The fuse has been lit
and very soon
it will all be finished
We are flying away
in the deepest inside
in the deepest hell
goodbye forever
The cow-boy rides westwards
in the west he will make war
he'll fight against the bad indians
but he won't die now, not now

Die yellow little bird
die as you are' lone
die as they abandoned and killed you
die if this will make you finally happy
If death that will come
to you very soon
puts an end to all your
big and unuseful sufferings
so die
So die, now die
die happy, die young
don't try to get old
with your tired sadness
die smiling, joying
die flying, hating
as however much they have hurt you
you will never lose your nive colour

How was the fie Joy, far?
How was the fie Joy, strong?
You were so well far
Iwell fray or show
I well fray or go
ill far shine of girl
What is so, what is so frail?
and what is so...
It chants, so could dream !
Aware a shine, therefore !
Aware shine of girl !
Aware a shine of...
All scene fie to desolate
I shrove, denied fie
I showed dam

To believe, to believe
What doesn't mean, to believe?
To have to feel the need
of always thinking of anything?
Or maybe to eat the rest?
Maybe there is no need
of stuffing one's head
with useless and silly convinctions
Anyhow having to accept
all that comes.
And if did you think any further?
Or even more to go further?
You may even
create a new line
perhaps with some
approximation of mesure.
But could even this
have its importance?
maybe it's not even important
to wonder that
to wonder nothing.

A sorrow fallen into the water
sailing, we are
new helddies salute an old show
Sadness from a lament
they are memories into a dawn
Two hidden verities
behind a blow
It's time to go
Here's the sunshine
Please, don't look at it
Hear, the music
she's going to die
A new day
maybe today
It will be forever
don't lose it
Here's the mountain
Don't descend it
See, the falsehood
is growing dark
A candid love
like a dove
It will be forever and ever
don't forgive
A tremor comes from afar
before a number
great empires cry together
The insanity in the nectar
Welcome, you are
Floreal criptes bloody lands and skies
Images invoked by colours
like castles among little toys
Some buffoons laugh again
and it's already time
of resurrection.

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