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Eric Satan's Frail Psyches 6
Monday, 26 October 2009 18:22

01 - Shame
02 - 12 & 15
03 - Nothing and no, never
04 - Super remembrances
05 - The strangest big love
06 - Unkind
07 - Failure
08 - The fountains of sky
09 - Orange velvet
10 - Summer in love
11 - For you (faith in me)
12 - Drops
13 - Sugello
14 - There's a light takes me life
15 - Red light traffic
16 - Soulless
17 - Film
18 - The movie
19 - Lah, Lah, Lah
20 - Il dolore profumato



I can see the blame
And I can feel shame
what do you love of the new day?
Won't you love the old play?
Don't you tell me you won't have shame?
Oh no well I can
And I care for my brain
What do you wonder of my shame?
won't you wonder of me always?
Don't you know that I worship?

12 & 15
On the twelfth we stared
On the fifteenth we loved
Oh 12 & 15
On the twelfth we married
On the fifteenth we're here
Oh 12 & 15

Nothing and No, Never
Nothing and no
I don't know
Nothing and no
No I don't know
Nothing and know
Never and nothing
And never and no
I don't know
I never know
No I don't know
I will never know
Why will I never know



The Fountains of Sky
The fountains of sky
rain down on us
While we cry
On the big ground
Oh but where are we?
And where ever do we go?
And why ever do we look from so far?
The fountains of sky
Cry down on us
When we smile
Towards the huge roof
Oh but what are we?
And what ever do we know?
And why ever do we seek with our hands turned far?
The fountains of sky
Wet all of us
The fountains of sky
Drown only us

I am unkind
I'm the bad
With her
And not only
I wish to die
I am unkind
But I love online no deposit casino her so much
And I'll love her always

The Strangest Big Love
Oh it's the strangest big love
And it's the mad you know
Well here's change in our lives
And here's the sad you know

There's a Light Takes Me Life
There's a light takes me life
Inside me
It's a light takes me life
Life in me

Orange Velvet
To die in a dream
Through a thousand flames
And dispersed oceans
Through twelve crowns
And petals of flowers
To die adoring
To die imploring
Through crosses and graves
Through mute hopes
And dead passions
To die in a dream
Through many little dreams
of orange velvet

Lah, Lah, Lah
Where I was
Where I am
How I was
How I am
And where will I be?
And how will I be?

For You (Faith in Me)
I dare hold your hand
I kneel and then
On flowers we cry
You did try to look from that tower
The dark ring of being
The deep essence of kings
Why d'we wear a gown
While we cry so loud
And we consume a shout for you?
Faith in me
We'll merge in a red star
Light of our velvet sky
Here's the pyre of dreams
its flames till the door
Your hands blindfold my eyes
Why d'we look at the pour
When we dance in a row
If then we lose a thought for you?
There's no escape for those men
The slow ticking of their lives
Our whacks against evil and good
Now the procession is being broken
The world in silence
Step by step in this obscure dance
Why d'we hatch a hate
If we listen to a toll
And we obsess a sound for you?
Why d'we hatch a love
If we paint a venus
And we fly in the sky for you?


A fallen drop
Slips away
Flies in the wind
Blown away drops
Many picked drops
Drops on drops
Burnt drops
Lost drops
In the wind
In the sun
A drop plays
Between a blow
And another blow
Reaches other drops
A tree cries
Without stopping
In a sea of drops
Fallen drops
Thrown drops
On the ground
In the sky
A drop cries
Alone in the dark
Cries hot tears
Abandoned tears

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