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Eric Satan's Frail Psyches 4
Monday, 26 October 2009 18:21

01 - Hate, Suffering & Death
02 - There's a time (in the time)
03 - The lecher's cart
04 - Have a pillow



Hate, Suffering & Death
When I was still a child
I liked to play with evil
I enjoyed like a fool
Making all the others suffer
To look people suffering
Was to me a huge pleasure
So huge that I could
Never get tired
Now I am older
I have become a man
But the taste to do evil
hasn't disappeared yet
It has not even diminished
Indeed it has grown even more
It lays to augment
Every instant that passes by
That pleasure to do evil
Takes me more and more
It takes me to such a point
That I can't stop
Nothing can stop me
And I don't look anybody's face
Not even those who love me
Those that I should love
To love to me means to hate
to hate to me means to let suffer
To let suffer to me means to let die
Hate, suffering and death
On this moment I'm trying
to imagine how I'll be tomorrow
I'm delighting in imagining
How I'll be when I become old

There is a Time (In the Time)
There is a time to die
In a side of hell
Dictated by forces
Of imaginary hollows
Due to pre-existence
We're all genius
As in our ignorance
We feel such
But the ignorant fails
In his wisdom
But you can try and get a new semblance
But this is only to give pleasure
Or you can try and discover a new credence
If you have enough ideas to contest
A time to let me think
A thought to throw me away in the emptiness
The spirit is in the body
He aspires to the seventh heaven
The will is accomplished
In this last
Corner of sky
It reflects inside
It cannot be seen
But maybe be heard
And it seems to perceive
The air exploding
But there's something creating
A sort of illusion
For something saying
What has already been said
And you come for the resuption
You come for the conviction
There's room for an artless too
The question will come by itself
Battles are coming down
Bringing their pardon
Their thought
A time to let me fly awake
A flight to bring me behind in a time

Have a Pillow
I have built a world
But I have destroyed it
Revenge for revenge
It wasn't worth nothing at all
How to fly on higher?
How to die again?
I have discovered a treasure
But I have hidden it
True for true
I didn't know what to do of it
What mustn't I look at?
What can't I create?
I have invented an idea
But I have sold it
Game for game
I didn't want to fuck them
Where can I go now?
Where could I rest then?
What else could I still love?
Have a pillow and then
A mister will wish to sing
And have another pillow
For you best friend and go
A light that coming towards the dark
It finds a clock
It will enjoy together with a mind
To transform in a show
What's lasting waiting for
And looking for
I have burnt a tear
But I have dried it
Wonder for wonder
I could not resist
I have wanted a life
But I have played it
Disdain for disdain
I haven't given a price
There's no place down there
There's nothing here
I have eaten an apple
But I have spat it
Have a pillow and then
A woman will wish to kiss
And have another pillow
For your best friend and go
A blind is going to fall down
He doesn't find a hand
That helps him to see again
The fire transforming the show
In what's lasting waiting for
And looking on

The Lecher's Cart
I wet the lecher's cart
I wet the lecher's cart
I watch too the lecher's cart
And the maidens' flam
When they make sisters
I will make you Clare
And spat you
How hot's the pleasure fie
I will let you gore?
I met you pledger
Clever fire
I met you creature
A well pair
And later a bachelor
And later brothers
Core my heart
I won't let you Al
So much play to gain the maggots
Play the same
Did you
How to latch you fright or lore?
I've patched frail dociles
I wet the lecher's cart
I wet the lechers' cart
I watch the indian file
Of the lechers' carts
I let you cry
I let you wile
I will let you gore

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