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Eric Satan's Frail Psyches 2
Monday, 26 October 2009 18:19

01 - Waiting for the frail psyches
02 - Letter from the pains
03 - Don't cry
04 - Numb
05 - Sad child (to the memory of a child dead falling stumbling)
06 - Two little dreams
07 - Spell
08 - Maybe yesterday
09 - Flo, the doll



How much to live without asking for why
and without answering yes or no
but I only can know that
You travel in the deep sea
and fly among the warm rivers
and lay upon a sky of meadows
Hello it's really hard to say goodbye
and really hard to keep quiet
without knowing where you could go
But the child cries and screams strong
there is no love for him, no love
How much to love without being returned
and without having to feel useless
but I only can know yet that
You travelin the blue sky
and fly among the yellow stars
and lay upon a veil of mountains
Good bye it's really hard to say hello
and really hard not to keep quiet
without knowing where you could die
but the child cries again
and his cradle rocks no more
so he's going on dreaming again

If you see a smile
don't cry for him
think him sweety
and then you'll see the dream
If you see a tear in the dark
don't cry for her
dry her sweetly and sweetly
so you'll feel her heat
Don't cry for joy
don't cry for love
don't cry for need
don't cry for trick
a song will play slow

You don't laugh anymore
you don't cry anymore
you don't feel joy anymore
you don't feel sorrow anymore
Why? Don't you tell me
that you have become numb?
Don't you tell me
that you don't feel love too antmore
or that you don't feel hate anymore?
Don't tell me that, I pray you
don't let me suffer again
I cannot belive it is so
I don't want to believe it
I pray you, tell me you are lying
if not for you
make it at least for me
Make it for who loves you
for ll those who love you
and that you maybe loved
once upon a time
when you were still
a normal person
I don't know who or what
has changed you so
but one only thing is sure
we will carry on loving you
not for what you are
but for what you were
Don't laugh
don't cry
don't joy
don't suffer
don't love
don't hate
don't feel nothing
you have become really numb

Sad child
the music is slow
the street is fast
don't run away
You don't see ( nothing )
You don't feel ( nothing )
You don't tell ( nothing more )
Sad child
my child
sleep now
don't think anymore


Hi grave
you wish for
two yellow flowers
to decorate down there
your portraits
We'll never
we'll never, never expiate
we'll never
You cry
on hard tears
two little dreams

There's a magic in your essence
that's the smiling of your face
There's a crystal in your blaze
that's the joying of your eyes
Here's a stronghold beyond the river
it's the blaming on our chains
We don't feel shame
show a true love
and we run
so you'll fall

Ah, we go
where we can
stay well
No, we are 'lone
hand in hand
and now we fly away
Igotta maybe be crazy
and you gotta maybe be crazy
I gotta have become a bear
and you gotta have become a seal
We have seen a war
and we have seen a cross
and we have expiated our faults
Something exists
when we wear
a pair of wings
Please, give us
some new wings
to play with birds
I gotta have played with witches
and you gotta have played with lions
Igotta have endured a pain
and you gotta have endured the flames
We have cried on a wall
and we have cried on a grave
and we have turned our back on death
I gotta have tricked death
and you gotta have tricked a fault
I gotta tricked with you
and you gotta have talked with me
We have seen the virgin crying
and we have murdered God
and we have sworn the silence

There was a doll
daughter of the wood
wound on a portrait
she cried
The flight of a crow
and his great and last fall
before death
And innocence gathered sin
not to bilk her sorrow
The crying of a doll
sea of wonder
faded in a sleep
she sang
And Flo, the doll, sang faintly
she sang fairy dreams, no more to die
And innocence smatched pardon
not to be once more alone

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