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Monday, 26 October 2009 18:13

01 - The columns of Auzeron
02 - Our end
03 - Picture of colours
04 - Emptiness
05 - Dirty things (2)
06 - The hole
07 - Rose fruit
08 - Crying song
09 - Dreaming about
10 - Joe's cat



What I see here today
it is not worth being told
misery besides disgust
express the fear in looking at
and looking is what hurts more
looking first inside our hearts
while an embryo dies again
there is no place for him yet
Sweet child
my sweet child
water is heavy but it will not hurt you
if you find a place where to shelter
over there do run

You do not have no reason to go before
you do not have no reason to exist
your life is an unbroken failure
your death is an absolute surely
Please, shot yourself
let me see your blood
splashing away from your temples
I think this is the very right thing
a shot in your head, bang bang
so nobody will not hear about you anything
of your so unsuccessful person
Please, die
I want to hear the shot
crushing your brain
This is your end
but it's my end too
so we will die togheter
It should be enought for you
as a consolation
since this is our end

Painting with blue mind
showing colours
showing pain
Blow scar
in a fied of flowers
maybe asleep will live a scarecrow
Watching the set
nice all around
watching oneself
Counting repeted notes
and amusing poems
In a city of little cats
where there are some little mads
ho no, what a scare
Where there is the tales box
there is the noises box too
and there is always the love play
Thinking colours
thinking pain
showing oneself
When falls the shadow
the ice slips away
from the picture of colours

There is no room for me
in this emptiness
there has never been it
Maybe why i'm empty too
maybe why i'm dead too
or maybe why i'm darker
Darker than the emptiness
what will i ever be
or what will the emptiness
These empty answers
these lost answers
lost in emptiness
Forever lost in emptiness
in the deepest emptiness
in the emptiness of death
There'll never be room for me
in this great emptiness
in this wonderful emptiness

There is no pride without prejudice
but i have alredy heard that
and there is no shame without the outrage
but i have already heard that too
and so... fuck off... please
If i wear a custom i'll be handsome
but i must wear that one
but if i have a thought in my head
i'll make you all very happy
Where are these dirty things?
take them here to me, now!
Cry on a star
you steal the Lord's hand to pay
you beseech the name of who's
there to lose your love
What did the king say to his enemy?
i will make you gulp the sword!
and what did his enemy reply to him?
i will make you gulp it!
but the king said to him:
how dare you, i'm the king!
and his enemy replied:
you are only a piece of shit.
To play inside death
it's not a guilty game
dirty things we are
dirty things we'll be back
Fly from the time
you turn a key to enter the scene
you die you die once not to die in another past

I've dug a hole
to look inside it
I've dug it so deep
to hide my games
It was so dark
to see the worms
or to uncover my folly
and I've covered that hole
But now I dig another one
I've dug a hole
a new hole for me
I've thought it coloured
to play with magic
I've wished it majestic
to create a new illusion
I've called it Pop
to dominate my illusion

Nothing charms
nothing else
flash in vain
in a send-up
Nothing else
crash in chains
shining bright
of a rose fruit
Sheen of farewell
sheen of lost wonder
rings another trip
another sign in the dark life
air, where is the air
outside the cage?
sheen of farewell
sheen of lost wonder
Cry in rest
smiling thorns
nothing else
than a rose fruit

Crying song
why do you love me?
why don't you try
to lie when you sing?
Darkness goes to come
darkness dies to be born
A wait to shine
after a long flight
without an end
it can be
Oh, it can be
true loveliness
just looking on
Oh, crying song
love me love
tell me you'll love me again

A nest of birds
sleep on dreaming once again
the boat down the river
and so they dream on
flying up and down for all eternity
But you all rest
dreaming clocks
waking wise
something to chant
when you feel alert
A lake of ducks
float on to and fro smiling
and dreaming the coach on the brow
and so well they dream on
plunging in the depth of eternity
But you all fluctuate
dreaming bikes
stopping full up
sometimes to quack
when you feel calm
You all together
dreaming about

Joe, what's happening?
is the world going to change
or are we changing?
Joe, what will happen?
will they rack and ruin
or will we get ruined?
You left too much early
when here i still needed you
when there there was no need of you
You left without
managing to say your word
without any explanation
The lady always told you
that you were fool
even after you had gone away
But do not worry
'cause she tells me that too
she believes it is really such
Joe, do you believe
that you and i are
like the lady says or not?
Joe, do you also believe
that you and i'll
always stay together or not?
You had a cat, joe,
but he left with you

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